Saarto 710w power full paint shaver / stripper is ideal for removing all paint and varnish on wood surfaces, such as weather board, stairs, doors and windows. Its fine teeth, you will indeed "scrape" the thin layer of paint and this very easily. The working depth is adjustable! In addition, the side panels can be addressed. Thus, it will also allow you to work on thin vertical pieces. Scraping blades are present on the lower side of the device and on the sides of it. 

This mechanical paint remover is much easier than heat gun, belt sander, and spatula. It will save you hours and hours of intense effort and the process will be much easier than ever before! 

To perform your work in cleaner way, this machine also has a socket for vacuum system, so you can safely remove led based paints. You can also use it on untreated wood surfaces to make it smooth.

It has two blades at the bottom and two at the side. Each Blades has four sides, so long life time on them, you simply turn the blades around to the new side when the blade go blunt, Metabo blades are the replacement blades for this model and it can be purchased from power tool shops which stocks Metabo tools or see my other listing for spare blades. 

Apparently a set of two blades with four sides are good enough to strip two average size weather board houses, of course you need to make sure no nails are sticking out of the weather board when you use this tool. 

Your job will be 70% faster compared to the traditional working method

Comes with everything you see in the picture as hard case, tools, manual etc.. comes with 2 spare coals.


- Torque: 2 nm

- Diameter of working disk: 80 mm

- Working depth axial: 0-0.3 mm

- Working height side: 28mm

- Working depth side: 0.15 mm

- Input power: 710 watts

- Power output: 400 watts

- Rotations without load: 10,000 / min

- Rotations load: 7,200 / min

- Weight 2.6 kg

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Saarto Paint Remover

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